The Builder Advantage Program

Designed For Small & Mid-Size Developers

The Cor3 Builder Advantage Program is designed to provide approved builders with the stability and growth support necessary to ensure each development is built on time and sold quickly at a profit, regardless of changes in the market.

Market Stability

Instead of worrying about rising interests rates and an uncertain housing market, allow us to offer you stability by acquiring your entire single-family residential development. No more worrying about interest rates next quarter or if that house will sell. With Cor3 Capital, sell all of your product with ease and look ahead to your next project.

Streamline Your Process

Lock in your upside and streamline your transactions. Instead of working with individual agents and buyers to sell each individual property, work with one qualified buyer to sell all of your properties. This innovative approach is the easiest way for small and mid-sized developers to sell high volume single family residential real estate.

Accelerate Growth

Use our contract to demonstrate to your bank that you have a qualified buyer for all the product you intend to build. This will enable you to acquire the debt you need to fuel further growth and development. Join our growing community of builders using this model to 4x their business.

Learn more about how the Cor3 Capital Builder Advantage Program can transform your business.

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